About Us

By , August 17, 2010 5:04 pm

Kiphire district is one of the newly created districts located in the eastern part of Nagaland sharing an international boundary with Myanmar with a population of about 106136 (2001 census).The health of its citizen depend on the environment he lives, development has played a major role in felicitating in the progress of human advancement, still it has its side effects as well. With the developmental activities coming in even the remotest part of the district like Kiphire, rampant destruction of forest wealth, pollution of water resources are taking place without knowing the effects and causes of it. Therefore, to educate the people in the district the society is formed.


Vision of the society


With the rapid destruction of our environment by mankind, the society aims to facilitate and take part in environment related issues by networking with likeminded organization for the welfare of the people in the district and mankind as a whole.